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First Federal Debit Cards

A First Federal Bank Debit Card is like having an ATM card and checkbook rolled into one!  Use your Debit Card to make purchases and get cash withdrawals from an ATM machine.  Thanks to the VISA symbol, your Debit Card is accepted at millions of locations.

First Federal uses an automatic contact program if fraud is selected on your account.  Phones calls from our Fraud Center will be displayed as from 1-800-417-4592, and text messages will be incoming from 328-74.

Provided you have your current PIN, you can select a PIN of your choice by visiting any First Federal Bank ATM location.  You may also set your PIN through iTalk by calling 205-391-6161.

We also now offer Instant Issue Debit Cards.  If your card is lost, stolen, or need a new card for any reason, just come into any First Federal retail location to get a new debit card issued the same day.

MyCardRules™ gives you the power to control your card at all times.  The app allows you to set spending limits for your debit cards with personalized alerts, turn your card "on" and "off" for safety or possible fraud, and more.


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